Just Three Scarecrows?

This morning, I put up the three scarecrows that we had up last year.  This will be the third year for the two 'big ones' but only the second for the first little one.

I think our neighbors (and my wife!) would think I was crazy if I didn't come up with a second 'child' scarecrow to match our two kids.  I cut the lumber for the arms and body.  I also carved up the Funkin, but we didn't have time to get to the Goodwill store to buy the clothes.

For the 'girl' scarecrows, I like to go with a dress that has 'buckles' on the shoulder straps like suspenders.  Makes it very easy to dress them.    Hopefully this week, we'll get to the store so we can get the other little scarecrow up before the weekend.


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