1st Time and 5th Time Voter(s) - November 2012

This morning, Nat and I took both of our girls to vote at Elmhurst City Hall.  And...I'll have you note that I took both girls into the booth with me so they can see the *right* way to cast their ballots.  In Illinois, that typically means voting for losers.

They were both incredibly well behaved!  As a result, they both got their "I Voted!" stickers.

Here's a photo of The Babe as a first-time voter in February of 2010.
Here's a photo of The Babe as a second-time voter in November of 2010.
Here's a photo of The Babe as a third-time voter in April of 2011.
And...there's no photo of her at the polling place from earlier this spring.  But...trust me!  She was there!


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