Snowball Fight in Legos via my Nephew

My nephew had his lego "snowball fight" build displayed at our local library along side a dozen or so others.  Really neat to see the creative juices flowing as he built out his scene.  Two things jump out at me:

1.  The guy in the middle on the right is on his belly with - what I think is a snowball on his back.  Must have been a tough shot.

2.  That tower in the middle has a dude up on it, too.  That's the cat-bird seat.  Great vantage point.'ll run out of snow really quickly, won't you?

I loved Legos as a kid and it is neat to see them persist across time.  I love the fact that this isn't a 'kit', but he created it instead out of a random set of blocks - the way you are *supposed* to play with Legos!


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