Pulte Homes Expanding in Elmhurst?

The folks over at Illinois Homeowners Unite have posted a warning to a few communities about the coming of Pulte Homes to their towns.

Elmhurst tops their list.  A quick look on Google shows that Pulte is *already* here in Elmhurst with a development that is south of Butterfield, north of I-88 that contains a choice of just three models.  They're calling it their "Premier Collection".

The reason I bring this up is because we've started to hear some rumors about the redevelopment of the old Elmhurst Hospital property and one of the names of builders that keeps coming up is Pulte Homes.

Why does it matter?  Well...some info out there points to some negatives with Pulte.
As the economy has modestly improved we have seen an incremental rise in home values, yet nothing compared to the skyrocketing revenues of PulteGroup, which continues to produce homes using cheap labor to enhance its bottom line while showing little consideration for current homeowners, future homeowners and the communities in which they live. 
Over the past five years, Chicagoland PulteGroup communities Autumn Creek, Edgewater, Grand Dominion, Prescott Mill, Shorewood Glen, Sweetwater and Winchester Glen have collectively seen home values sink 23.4 percent! 
For most people, the largest purchase they’ll ever make is a home, so when the equity in that home depreciates and the debt mounts, it’s a painful realization. But who is a contributing player to that pain, and who is affecting the communities in which we live? PulteGroup! 
PulteGroup has successfully lowered its area standards and helped depreciate your home value to unprecedented new lows, leaving homeowners under water with their mortgages. These homeowners are also community construction workers who depend on fair area standards. 
This means good wages and benefits to help neighborhood workers pay for groceries and doctor bills, and support law enforcement and fire protection through taxes. PulteGroup does not believe in these rights; its greed has crushed its integrity and it’s rocked our communities.

Is that what we want in Elmhurst?  I'm not so sure.  Is Pulte Homes going to end up developing more homes in Elmhurst?  I have no idea.  I do know, however, that if they're going to be involved, then so will I.  I'm planning on keeping a close eye on the development plans and process over at the Hospital property.  I encourage you to join me!  


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