Got a Stripped Screw? Try the Speedout. Seriously.

I am the KING of stripped screws.  Putting screws in.  I strip them.  Taking screws out.  I strip them.

We're getting some painting done and I had to take down some bookcases.  I took out a bunch of the screws, but encountered one last one:  and it was awfully stripped out.

But...fortunately...I had this little kit on hand called "Speedout".  

See that screw in the top photo?  That's AFTER I finally got it out of the wall.

The Speedout is a series of 2-sided bits.  You pop the "a" side into your drill/drive and you bore a slightly bigger 'hole' into the screw head.  Then, you flip the bit over and use the 'b' side to 'grab' the screw out.

I received the Speedout from my in-laws for my birthday earlier this year and I had not used it before this weekend.  Now?  I'll keep it in my work-bucket and use it all the time.

Watch this video.  I swear...this was my exact experience.  It was *almost* magical!


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