Disney's 'Direct To Room Check-In' Worked Perfectly

We got back from our trip down to DisneyWorld in Orlando and I wanted to share some of the new 'things' that we experienced.  I'll do that over the next few days, but wanted to share one that impressed me quite a bit out of the gate.

We've been to Disney the past few years and wore MagicBands.  They're always worked flawlessly (for us!).  But this year, right before we went on our trip, we read about a new 'Direct-to-room' program where Disney will alert you via text and/or email that your room is ready and you can just arrive there.  The impressive part here is that your bands will just *magically* work!

So, we arrived in the mid-morning, checked out gear with the Bell Desk and then headed out to one of the parks.  Sometime in the mid-afternoon, I received a text and this email above telling me that our room was ready and what the room number was.  (I blurred it out...not sure why...but figured it was just better to not have it posted here!).

This worked perfect for us as my Mom went up to the room ahead of time and set up some 'surprises' for the kids while we were down filling in our resort mugs.

The crazy part is that this TOTALLY removes any necessary contact with the front desk.  And I'm totally fine with that.  If this was my first trip to Disney, I would probably want to talk to somebody and get that 'in person' treatment.  But, for us?  Things went perfectly.  Not only did we get the email and our bands worked to open the door.  Our luggage from the Magic Express and what we checked when we arrived as *just there*.

I think that this removes a layer of complexity and gives you and your family back just 10 to 15 minutes you can use at the parks or in the resorts.  Good on you, Disneynerds.  I want more of this coming from the MagicBand program!


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