8 Years Ago Today: Talking About Annual Smelt Fishing Trip On Montrose Harbor

Using the 'way-back machine' here on the blog (aka the Archives link on the right rail), I find that exactly eight years ago today, I was posting (from....the FeedBurner offices, I think!) about how I was prepping for our annual trip out on Montrose Harbor for smelt fishing.

Those trips - which were soooo much fun - just don't take place any longer.  First, The Cactus moved away, which meant that the Sunshine Lighting crew stopped showing up.  But...the Mayor picked up the lead.  And did he ever lead.  But, he's since moved away too.

And either nobody has taken out the gill nets in recent years or they're not inviting me.  (Ahem...Balone!).  These photos from the 2010 trip tell the full story of living on the end of the pier and having lots of laughs.

Anyone going out on the pier this April?  If so, you'll invite me, right?  Right?!?


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