Dylan's Candy Bar Chicago

Last weekend, we spent the night in the city so the girls could go swimming in a hotel pool.  (Well...that's not the *only* reason, but it was one of the driving forces anyway...)

We spent Friday afternoon walking around with stops at my office, the new Maggie Daley Park (wowsa...pretty neat place!) and then hoofing it up Michigan Avenue to head to dinner.  On the way there, we stopped into Dylan's Candy Bar.

Pretty neat place.  Lotsa candy (as you'd expect) and they even had 'nostalgia' area with old school candy.  Some of it from a long time ago, but plenty from the 80's and 90's that I remember from my childhood.  I was pretty impressed with the place.  That was...until...I checked out and was waiting around for Nat and the girls to finish filling up their bags of candy.  There, by the door laying on the counter was a book all about Dylan's Candy Bar and the founder Dylan Lauren.

You can see the book here on Amazon.

I went to back inside cover where they normally have info about the author.  I wanted to know a bit about Dylan.  Turns out....she's the daughter of Ralph Lauren.  As in *that* Ralph Lauren.  

Suddenly the whole experience turned sour on me.  I don't know quite why.  Just seemed off-putting.  I don't begrudge her the family connections and what-have-you.  But...what I thought was a neat entrepreneurial story somehow twisted into a 'hobby project of a well-off family' in my mind.

Now...that totally might not be the case.  I have no idea.  Dylan Lauren is probably SUPER hard working and has earned everything she's built with the Candy Bar.

But..go read the reviews on Amazon.  I'm thinking I'm not the only one?

The candy was great.  And...because the girls were in heaven, I'm sure we'll go back.  But, I'll be just a little bit more jaded next time I walk in.


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