KettlePizza Fires Up (Round Two)

Over the weekend, I put the KettlePizza through it's paces for the second time and the results were much better.  I upgraded the dough and went with a lighter hand on the toppings but I also made sure that the peel was set up right and the pie could slide off properly.

The first time, I got the oven up to about 800 degrees, but this time it was topping out between 600 and 700.  I used the Kenji Lopez-Alt/The Food Lab hack by putting the Pizza Steel in on the top grate to create both thermal mass and a top heat source.

My pie didn't have great leopard spotting, but it was cooked close to right and had a nice combination of crisp/chew on the cornicione.  ( don't use the words in the pizza glossary??)


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