Solemn Oath Brewing Company Spotted at the New Elmhurst Whole Foods

I wrote about how we attended Solemn Oath's "Oath Day Three" earlier this month here on the blog, but I had another 'encounter' with the brand this weekend when Nat and I went to the new Whole Foods out on Route 83.  Nat has been there a few times, but it was my first time.  (More on that later)

While she was poking around the bakery section, I was drawn to the "Ales and Lagers" section of the beer cooler - as one is naturally - and spotted this sign for Solemn Oath Brewing Company above the cooler.  Have to give Whole Foods credit:  they're really into promoting hyperlocal offerings and they go above and beyond to call some vendors out.  One of those is the guys at Solemn Oath - where they note the brewery is a mere 20 miles away.  Pretty neat to see them get some promotion.

If you haven't checked it out already, go back and read the post about Oath Day Three.


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