Tried A Pop-In At Burt's Place: Nyet!

We found ourselves up in the northern suburbs last week and made a spur of the moment decision to give Burt's Place a try.  After trying to call them ahead of time (per the rules) and getting a strong busy signal (thinking Burt just pulled the phone off the hook once he had enough orders for the night), we just 'popped in' and asked if they had any availability that night.

The guy who greeted us at the door turned and asked Burt, with his long grey beard, slung in a back booth, who said:  "Nope.  Not tonight."

We thanked them and said "we took our shot".

Off to Pequod Pizza we went.  (That's for another post).

We went to Burt's back in 2011 and I wrote a post about the experience here on the blog.


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