Australian Mike And Ikes?

Anyone who has traveled for work with me knows that I have a soft spot for an airport purchase at the ole' Hudson News of Mike and Ikes.  You know...the little pill-shaped fruit candies.  They're my favorite.  Have been for years.  I'll pick those over the rest of the fruit-jelly crowd including Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, etc.

But, at Menards, I spotted this bag of "Australian Style Outback Beans with Chewy Red Centers".  This are the same folks who make the "Australian Style Green Apple Licorice" that comes in little cut down stalks that I pick up on occasion (Nat loves that stuff, too!).  I didn't buy these, but I'm thinking on my next trip, they'll end up in my cart.  Who doesn't need 10 ounces of Mike and Ike copycats, amirite?!?

"Incredibly delicious"?!?  I'll be the judge of that.


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