Birthday Cake Candy Corn - This Changes Everything? Probably Not.

I've never been one to seek out candy corns.  At Halloween-time, they're usually around people's houses (maybe not so much these days?  But...when I was a kid, it seemed that plenty of candy dishes were filled with them come fall time?!?) and I've always stayed away.

They just never did anything for me.

But...when I was at Menards this weekend, I took the girls to peruse the candy aisle (as we always do) and came across these:  Birthday Cake Candy Corn.  Didn't buy them, but interesting to see the Brach's company trying to come up with other occasions for their product.  Birthdays seem like a good place to start.  Or...maybe they've already expanded before?  Are there Christmas Candy Corns?  Red/White/Green?  What would they taste like?  Birthday Cake is a natural.  But Christmas?  Some combination of pine and sugar?!?


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