Lollapalooza Aftermath: View From My Office

 I turn back up to the office after being away for more than a week and I am greeted with the yellow grass and cleanup that lays ahead for the crew following this weekend's Lollapalooza.

Doesn't look too bad.  The grass will come back. The fountain is working perfectly.  Seems like the kids didn't trash the place even though some rain came through.

I've never been to this version of Lolla.  The one in Chicago.  I have, however, been to at least one of them.  I *think* two of them. When they were a touring thing that came through the World Music Theatre in Tinley Park.

Based on this listing of acts, I for sure went in 1994.  That would have put me in the summer after my sophomore year.  Sounds about right.   I went with my High School crew that included Matt, Steve, Neil and Mark.  We saw the Beastie Boys which was pretty awesome.

I also think we went in 1995.  Correct me if I'm wrong Matt/Neil.  But...I *think* we saw Sonic Youth that year, right?  But...I probably didn't love it?  Beck was there in 1995.  Pretty awesome.

Today?  I'm out of my 'festival years' it seems.  Sad, right?  Get a Minivan.  Stop going to festivals?  I'm ok with it.

As for this view....Here's the tag for posts that show this same view from my office - south-facing - over the months.


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