Wall Calendars Turned Over to September

I was in the office on Friday and noticed that I needed to turn over the wall calendars.  On the right, the Disney D23 Calendar features the 40th anniversary of Space Mountain.  On the right is the University of Illinois Business Instructional Facility.  I have NO IDEA where or what that exactly is, but me thinks it wasn't there back in the '90's when I was bouncing around Green Street.

So...September took 18 days on the calendars.
August was just the 10th.
July was bad. The 21st.
In June, I nailed it. Turned on June 1st.
Here's the post from May with the calendars. Took me until the 12th.
March's post - where I turned them on the 11th. February post introducing the concept. On the 17th.


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