Enchanted Tiki Room Print By Joey Chou

Gasp!  Disney artwork has official breached the front door of our house*.  Yep...that right there is a print featuring a couple of DisNerds enjoying the show at the Enchanted Tiki Room while slurping in a Dole Whip.  Seemed too perfect of a fit for us to pass up, right?  This feels a little bit like a move that can't be 'undone'.  Where will the Disney-creep stop in the house?

From the little card on the back of the print we find out we're not alone in loving the Tiki Room along with a couple of Dole Whips.  You can find more stuff from Joey at his site here.

*I say 'our house' here, but we all know that I mean Equation Boy/Man's house where we're staying until we figure out way out!


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