Orange Theory Fitness Coming To Elmhurst City Centre

At the Elmhurst City Centre's Boo-tiful Saturday before Halloween, there were some folks giving out candy to kids and these 'coming soon' flyers to adults.  Looks like a new gym is coming to the City Centre and this one is going to be at 135 N. Addison Ave - which if you look at this LoopNet listing for space - is the new parking garage going up on Addison.  They have a site up for the Elmhurst studio here.  

The odd thing is that I've heard about a different 'high end' gym/fitness place opening up on Addison, but on the west side of the street.  Check out this proposal to the City of Elmhurst for a Fitness Formula Club which is at 138 & 142 North Addison.  That's where the city parking lot is right now (I think!).  

From the look of the proposal, it is a free-standing building and is HUGE.  Here's a screenshot of the front facade:
I can't help but wonder...with places like FittRx and the newish Pilates place on York Street - not to mention the YMCA and Courts Plus just a short drive away - can we really support two of these new fancy gyms?  

Only time will tell, right?  With so many vacancies in the City Centre, it is nice to see plenty of interest in bringing new ideas/destinations to town.  

(For the record....I'm a guy who thinks that the market should determine what works and what doesn't in terms of retail/commercial uses.  The government should set up the rules/zoning and then not pick winners/losers and say things like 'we have too many nail salons'!)


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