Wall Calendars Turned Over To March 2016

 These were turned over earlier this week, but I'm just posting about them on the 10th of the month.  So...let's call it Tuesday the 8th for March.

On the right is the University of Illinois Wall Calendar with a beautiful photo of Altgeld Hall and the spring flowers blooming.  On the right, the Pixar calendar is featuring the movie 'Up'.  On the top is a drawing of a dog in the tree that I *think* is supposed to be Dug.  And on the bottom is a stylized drawing of the house tied up with balloons heading towards Paradise Falls.  On the bottom is a black/white drawing of the house in the mist right up on top of Paradise Falls.  No Russell or Carl Fredrickson or even Kevin anywhere in them.

3 months in, here is where we are for 2016.

Net to date:  -3 Days *better* than last year.  

Below are a few closeups of the images.    That Illini photo really takes me back to the joy of spring on campus.


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