Wall Calendars Turned To May 2016

For those of you keeping track of these things at home, today is Friday, May 13th.  I actually turned these over to May yesterday, so let's call it the 12th of May.

On the left is Monsters, Inc.  On the right is Illini Hall.  Which....is a total mystery to me.  Having spent four years there (including the summers), I'm not sure I ever stepped foot into this place.  Looking it up on the UIUC map, it shows Illini Hall right on Wright Street, just south of Green.  Kinda across Wright from Altgeld.  The "Department of Statistics" is in there.  That *might* explain why I didn't go there...

The full archives of the enthralling wall calendar tracking project (you just can't get enough, can you?!?!?) can be found here.

May took 12 days in 2016.    Last year it was the 7th.  That's a +5 day jump.

What went from a -3 days net in terms of improvement, has now jumped to a +2 net loss from last year's turns.  Gotta be on the stick for June.


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