Moose Creamer: Estate Sale Find

Yesterday, I posted about this sweet, vintage Fighting Illini sweater that I scored at a swanky Estate Sale in Elmhurst, and today comes another item that came out of that very same sale:  this moose creamer.

I spotted this moose and did the same thing that I did with the sweater:  texted a photo to Nat and asked her if we should pick it up for her Mom - who is into the wilderness and other mountain-related-what-have-yous.  Just like the sweater, Nat said 'yes' to this one.

I gleefully brought it home and we gave it to Nat's mom the following weekend.   Only to discover that she already has one of these!  Well...not *exactly* one of these, but something pretty similar.  So, now she has a pair.

Check the thing out below:  the cream (or perhaps gravy?!?!?!)  comes pouring right out of the moose's mouth:

One different between the one I bought and the one already on hand:  this one is stamped "Austria", so it has some international provenance - which is nice.

I bought one more thing at this same sale (and it is pretty cool!) , but that will come in a different post later this week.


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