Lego City 2016 Advent Calendar

For the past five years, our girls have been enjoying the little chocolate treats that come inside the Trader Joe's Advent Calendars as well as the larger one that that Nat stuffs with little treats on our kitchen table.  And the Elf shows up every morning.  And we've also started down the North Pole Communicator route, too.  So, we're busy with daily activities.  But this year, we've up-leveled the game by joining in on the annual Lego Advent Calendar business.

Above is the front of the Lego City version that the Bird will be enjoying.  We also got a different version for the Babe, but I'll post that another day.

I'm also inclined to pick up this year's version of the Holiday Train at Lego to set up a little village for the girls to play with their Advent creations because we won't be putting up our O Gauge setup once again this year.

If they had these things back in the 80's, I would have been all over them.  I'm hoping that that kids love these as much as I envision them loving them in my head.


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