Happy Festivus!

Yes, I posted this on the 22nd of December and that's one day early for Festivus, but a lot of you folks seem to read this blog via the email subscription, so I figured I'd author this piece with you in mind:  Happy Festivus!

I've written about Festivus before here on the blog.  In fact, back in 2010, there was a house in Elmhurst who used to put up a Festivus pole out front of their house.  I think that place has been renovated and a new family moved in?  But...whatever has happened, there's no pole any more.  Too bad.

There's also this post showing off the big "A" that the Atheists put up outside of City Hall where I lamented nobody having the dedication to petition the City or County for a Festivus Pole.

And last year, I marked the holiday that Frank Costanza created with a simple post and video clip.

This year, I intend to head to our friend Neil and Ashley's (somewhat) annual Festivus gathering where there will be no feats of strength.  And probably no demin vests.  But lots of laughs and plenty of me saying "I'm a man."


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