Merry Christmas - 2016

Like normal people, we're off opening presents in our matching pajamas followed by stuffing our pieholes with too much food.  Hope you get to spend today with the ones you love.  That's what I'm doing and I am grateful for every minute of today.  I love Christmas and with this being the last Christmas that we're celebrating NOT in our own house, this one - like they all are - is special in it's own way.

Our kids are growing up (The Babe) and just getting started (The King of the Ball Tossers) and Christmastime with them is so meaningful, despite their un-ending thirst for MORE PRESENTS!  

I'm even hoping for a good haul, which of course, I'll share here on the blog.

Oh, and that's a Storm Trooper Christmas Disney pin that I'll be wearing all day today!


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