An IPA and Sour Craft Beer Tasting With Dr. Jeff

This is the 3rd or 4th 'craft beer tasting with Dr. Jeff' that I've shared here on the blog.  The rest of them can be found here on the "Dr. Jeff" tag page with the most recent one being an IPA session.  We've had sour sessions and stout sessions, too.

This time, we had a combo session.  IPAs, sours, stouts.  It was fun.

The first up is that beautiful bottle on the left.  Can't find it on BA.  On the top right is Your Wish is Granted IPA.  Not rated on BA, either.    And on the right is a Transiet Artisan Ale.  Not sure which one, though!  I guess I didn't take too good of photos that night, eh?


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