Vintage Paper Roll Note Stand And Cutter

On Sunday, I posted about the new antique mall that appears to be the one we'll be frequenting now that we've shifted from Michigan to Wisconsin (despite the dude being a wingnut...).  In that post, I showed off the new "Vintage Christmas Motherlode", but have to say that there was a lot more there than I even took in during our visit.

And, as I mentioned, I did, indeed, buy something.  That's this metal paper roll holder.  It hold a 3.5" roll of paper on a wooden dowel  and if you pull the paper out and hold down the thin metal piece, it serves as a 'cutter' of sorts and you can tear off clean note-sized pieces of paper.

I was drawn to this because I'm always scrounging for post-it notes and the idea of being able to have short or long or...extra long notes was appealing to me.  I can pull on the paper for as long of a length as I need, then press the metal cutter down and tear.  Suddenly, I have a note paper that's just long enough for the task.  Nice.  The fact that is orange-ish red didn't hurt.

Here's another look at it.  The simplicity of the mechanism is it's genius.

On the bottom, there's this sticker:  Made in Japan by Counterpoint - San Francisco 94013.  And a little image of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I've looked quickly on teh Googles and can't find this place/maker.

Right now, it is on my desk at home, but I can already picture it in my new office.  Oh...and the girls love it already!  They've been using it for their drawings.  And has me thinking that we should get one of these for them to do their projects on!

But, for I go searching around online trying to find a replacement roll of paper that can keep this thing working in the future.


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