Anderson's Candy Shop in Richmond

As we spend more time up at Twin Lakes in Wisconsin, we are beginning to get to know the local community a bit more including places to shop like Lake Geneva Antique Mall and this place above"  Anderson's Candy Shop, which is actually in Illinois.  Richmond, Illinois to be exact.  Richmond is a border town.  Check out this map that shows the town of Richmond, the location of Anderson's and it's proximity to the Wisconsin border (which I've circled in green) as well as Twin Lakes of Elizabeth and Mary.

Anderson's isn't the first candy shop that we've discovered.  Because of Google Maps rerouting us one time due to traffic and accidents, we came across the Riverside Chocolate Factory in McHenry.  It is shaped like a teepee, so it is hard to miss.  I'll try to post something on that place the next time we go because I think that the kids actually like that place better. Mostly because they have LOTS of little bins of name-brand candy.

And that's what makes Anderson's a bit different.  They have just a couple of boxes of candies and most of those were Jelly Belly brand which is a local Wisconsin brand.  But otherwise, they just carry their own chocolates.  And dozens of different 'candy bars'.  Nat picked up a dark chocolate one and I got some brittle.  I don't think either of us were blown away, but the idea is a good one.

Also, they have this huge wooden totem that is a faux chocolate bunny, which I love!


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