Me On Google Local Guides: 2.5M Photo Views Milestone

Back in May, I posted about hitting level 4 on the Google Local Guides program which gives you a nice storage bonus for photos and docs and gmail.  I've been contributing to the Local Guide program - which is where you submit your reviews/ratings as well as photos of local places to Google Maps - ever since and every few weeks, Google sends you a little update on how well your stuff is faring.  Sometimes, it is how many people are being helped by your photos and other times it is how often your reviews are being shared, etc.

Recently, I received the email above that shows that my photos have now hit 2.5M combined views.  I have no idea what that means, other than it seems like a big number.  As a Local Guide, you can go in and see all of your contributions and even see which photos have the most views (this photo of Silver Beach Pizza in St. Joe's is my most-viewed photo ever).

Kind of interesting to see which photos people are using and how they're helping.  The Local Guides program is open to anyone, you can sign up here.


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