A Reminder of our Cuckoo Clock - From the Black Forest

My sister Vic sent me this photo above from Oli's in Triberg, Germany - the home of the Master Carvers Club who handcraft *real* cuckoo clocks.  She was in Triberg with my folks recently to show them the town (it is awfully cute) and to show them how you can see/tell the difference between clocks (hint:  look at the side and if you see plastic in the little circle, pass on it.).  My sister and Equation Boy/Man bought a clock from Oli's and while they were there, they sent the photo you see above.   The one in the middle is the clock that Nat and I picked up when we were there all the way back in last Summer.  It has 'balusters', which is kinda awesome if you have been keeping up with our house build.

It's funny, though:  we shipped the clock to Elmhurst from Germany and when it arrived, it was so well packed that, since we didn't have a place to put it, we just left it in it's box and mostly forgot about it.  This photo, though, brought me right back to the shop.  The clock we bought is the one in the middle - it is an 8 day clock that we customized with three little different kid figures (to represent our three kids, of course) and a little dog.

If you're in the market for a clock, I recommend Oli's.  They handcraft all of their clocks and figures.  You're going to pay quite a bit more than something you can get at the Christkindl Market during the holidays, but these are the real deal.

I'm sure that Nat has already figured out where this thing might go in our new place and I can't wait to see it up on the wall.  This is one of a handful of things that we've acquired over the past few years that have gone straight into storage - only to reappear after we move into our new place.

Once we hang it, I'll be sure to post a new photo/video of it running and marking the top/bottom of the hour.


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