Cinnamon Ferns @ Equation Boy/Man's Emerging For Year Two

Last year, I picked up a few plants at the Elmhurst Ladies' Garden Club annual sale including the Hosta Venusta miniature plant that we're fostering out in Naperville (posted about it recently here) and what was billed as a Cinnamon Fern.  I planted that here in Elmhurst at Equation Boy/Man and Vic's house with some help from the Bird as a "Mother's Day" present to her God Mother.  (and a little, tiny token of gratitude for having us stay in their house!)  

I put it along the south property line in one of their landscape beds that had some nice groundcover and a few other shade plants like hostas.  It looked great when I planted it (see pic here), but it didn't do that well after the transplant.  Must have had some serious shock, because it withered and just about looked dead a month or so after putting it in the ground.  I looked earlier this Spring and didn't see anything emerging, so I assumed that it wasn't coming back and had died, unfortunately.

Well, guess what?  Check out that picture above.  See those three fern fronds unfurling amongst the ivy (and a few weeds)???  Yep.  The Cinnamon Fern!  How cool.  See that white plastic shard right in front of it?  Compare it to the pic from last year.  Same plant, same location.  Guess I'm glad I left the marker in the ground all year.  I'm going to leave it alone this year, but I'm hoping that it multiplies like the rest of our Ostrich Ferns typically do.  The best part?  We get to leave behind a little memento that comes up every Spring to remind Equation Boy/Man and Vic of our time in their house.   I know they're going to live here for a long time and we'll certainly be over for parties and what-have-yous during the Spring and Summer.  When we do...I'll be sure to head out to check out the ferns.  They'll make me smile and remember our time here.


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