More Pizza Clues - Aurelio's Uses A Sheeter and Bagged Flour?

Over the weekend, I stopped into the Aurelio's takeout location in Downtown Downers Grove while I waited for the Babe to emerge from the basement setting for a birthday party at the Tivoli Lanes right next door.   When I was there, I came across three things:  First was this art glass piece above that is right when you open the front door.  Hadn't noticed it before, but I really like it and it seems like this belongs in one of their *real* restaurants.  And, by 'real', I mean a sitdown place.  This one in Downers is just a takeout joint.  Sure, they have 3 tables and sell (sadly) slices, but it isn't a restaurant, at least to me.  (Also, the fact that they are selling pie-shaped slices is a bummer, right?  I mean...Aurelio's is a tavern-cut pie by nature.  I get that they're trying to sell slices, but being a pizza crazy person, I don't like to see the bastardization of a tavern-cut pie.   Why not 'big squares'?)

Anyway, on to the second and third finding of the trip... Below you'll see a few things that jump out to you:  A dough sheeter covered in flour on top of the bench and a big brown bag of Aurelio's flour mix on the bottom of the bench.

Add these to the 'ah-ha' moment I shared here regarding Aurelio's and their cheese mix back in 2015.
This confirms that Aurelio's ships their franchises big bags of dry goods.   Wonder what is in there?  Just the flour?  Or, the flour and the leavening agent?  And other dry goods?  Like the malt powder that people are speculating is in the recipe on the PizzaMaking forums?  Would love to get a look at the ingredient list on there, right?

And...that they use a sheeter to make the skins.  A sheeter!?!?  Yep, they sheet their dough.  Just like Barnaby's does.  Don't know why I'm surprised.  but I'm surprised.

In response, I've now gone hunting on Craigslist for a second-hand (or third-hand!) sheeter.  I'm sure Nat would love to have one of those set up on our counter, right?


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