Update on Foster Ostrich Fern - Spring 2017

Last month, I posted about a few of our 'foster' plants out at Nat's folks' place in Naperville including the giant hosta that had emerged this Spring and Nat's Great Aunt's peonies and the miniature variety of Hosta Venusta that came back to my surprise.  But, there was also a big bunch of Ostrich Ferns that we transplanted into foster care.  Just about a month ago, on May 2nd, 2016, I posted this photo showing the ferns emerging from the ground and in June, I posted this photo showing the giant Hosta and the Ostrich Fern all unfurled in their full glory.  They were doing so well last year, so I never thought for a minute that they wouldn't come back this year.

That photo above is what they look like now:  they've not only sprung up ahead of last year's pace, they're also big, vibrant and strong.  How nice to see them doing so well.  I'm not surprised, because a few years back, we divided some of our ferns and gave them to Nat's mom for her garden.  She's been tending to them ever since and has done a great job cultivating them into a pretty good footprint of ferns by their pond.  Our foster plant is pretty close to those - and my experience tells me that these Ostrich Ferns are a pretty hardy plant - told me that this one was one of the Foster plants that I had the least concern about.

Having discovered our own 'survivor' Ostrich Ferns on our lot this Spring makes me a lot less concerned about making sure this transplant survives, but I'm going to still make sure we take it at the right time to bring a little bit of our first garden with us to our new, larger place.  By the time the fall comes around I'm thinking we'll have at least one of our landscape beds figured out, so this thing will have a permanent home.


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