Growing A Pineapple Plant - Giving It A Try At Home

Ever since we first saw the little pineapple plants growing in the gardens at Epcot's Flower and Garden show back in Spring of 2016, I've had the notion in my mind that it would be fun/interesting to try to give a pineapple plant a try.  But, where would we ever come across one?  The answer, surprisingly, was Menards. favorite store.  Menards.  For some reason, they carried a handful of pineapple plants - Ananas Comosus - earlier this Spring.  I was wandering out to the garden center and passed by the tropical section and they had four or five of these things on the end cap.  $11.99?  Can't pass it up, right?  

I planted it in a clay pot that seemed size appropriately.  Here's a close-up of the fruit that is on the plant currently:

Once the weather moderated and we seem to be having no more cold spells, I transitioned it outside to the back patio where it is living amongst our upside tomato plant (well...not quite 'ours', but we're plant sitting it until it's rightful owner returns stateside) and a few other plants that the girls planted in hand-painted pots for Mother's Day.  

It seems to be doing just fine outside thus far and didn't suffer much in terms of transplant stress, but based on this plant listing via my go-to Missouri Botanical Garden (who does a heckuva job with their SEO!), we're not going to be eating pineapple anytime soon.
Fruits may not appear on indoor plants during the first few years. Indoor fruits are usually quite small and not particularly tasty, but are ornamentally attractive.


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