Solemn Oath Brewery - Lü Kölsch-Style Ale

This past weekend was Oath Day Five out at Solemn Oath Brewery in Naperville.  We weren't able to make it because the Bird's birthday was the same day and we were, ummm, tied up with cake and presents and rainbows.  Yeah...rainbows.  Lots of them.  That's what she wanted, so Nat delivered!  Anyway, I've posted about Oath Day in the past.  Here's a post from 2015 showing off a cool van sticker I scored from the festivities.   If you're wondering what happens at Oath Day, check out this post from Solemn Oath that details everything or tune into their Instagram feed for a post-event roundup showing some of the sights from the weekend.  It covers all the what-have-yous that go on including how they created a new deck of cards for the event

But, just because we didn't get to go to Oath Day this year, doesn't mean we aren't fans.  And, we even showed off a little bit of our own craft beer nerd chops by introducing Dr. Jeff - our resident craft beer nerd - to the beer you see here:  Lü.  I posted yesterday about the three beers that Dr. Jeff brought, but I failed to mention that we pulled a few of these Lü - Kölsch-style Ales out of our fridge and shared them.  I think Dr. Jeff liked it and it lead us into a discussion about can/bottle/label design.  I don't know if Lü, from Solemn Oath is available in stores, but they're saying you can pick up a case of it at their taproom in Naperville.  (by the you can tell, I figured out how to put the two little dots above the vowels!  Hold down Option-U, release, type the vowel.)

Congrats John and Ashley and the team at Solemn Oath on five years.  Can't wait to see what you'll do next!


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