Walt Wit - A Taste of Philly

A few days ago, I posted a photo of a cheesesteak that I (sadly) ate at the Philadelphia airport and bemoaned by lack of time/availability to do anything while I was in town for the brief trip.  But, while I didn't get to enjoy a pretzel or a proper cheesesteak @ Steve's, I did get a chance during the delay before boarding my flight home to enjoy one of these:  Walt Wit from Philadelphia Brewing Company.  BeerAdvocate lists it in the 'okay' range with a score of 79, so don't go out of your way to pick one of these up, but I do like the bottle (cute label, right?) and maybe it was the sour taste in my mouth of having my flight be delayed, but I enjoyed this.

Looks like, if you can find it, the Philadelphia Brewing Company beer to get is their Schwarzinger.  Scores a 86 @ BA.


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