An Update On Our Flowering Cherry Tree

Back at the end of May, I posted a few pics of the new flowering cherry tree that we picked up for Nat for Mother's Day this year.  It lived in the driveway at Equation Boy/Man's house for more than a month while the girls kept it watered.  Last week, we finally got around to putting it in the ground in our #newoldbackyard.  We found a nice spot that can be easily seen from the kitchen/family room as well as upstairs from the bedroom, but far enough back and to the side that it won't interfere with any future plans.

We dug a good sized hole, the girls helped me get it situated down in the earth, then we covered it up with earth (and tried to put the grass back in place!) and applied one of these Treegator watering bags.  We've been filling it up every other day since we planted it and looking at the tree over the weekend, I see some new growth.

So, hoping that whatever shock this thing will get from being transplanted into the ground is being absorbed by copious amounts of water.


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