What about decomposed granite for the #NewOldBackyard?

I've pointed it out before, but one of the spots that I'd like to tackle first in our #newoldbackyard is the 'entrance' or traffic path that we use to get from the front to the backyard.  I posted about a walkway, bridge and pond setup that I thought might work here on the blog back in July.  Recently, I had our landscape contractor come out to talk about some options and how we'd tackle them - and in what order.

There's screening material needed (trees), hardscaping and maybe even some retaining walls involved.  And that is just to get us to the point of having a setup where we could think about something like a water feature/waterfall (which...I really want.)

One of the ideas that came up in my conversations with landscape designer was the idea of decomposed granite walkways.  That's a photo of one up top.  It came from here.  I like the look of paths made out of the stuff and you see it in lots of places both formal and informal.  There are downsides in that it sticks to your shoes, so it will certainly scratch up the floors if it is in a spot that is adjacent to our house.

So, maybe that makes it not a great fit for the walkway between our front and rear yards, but could we use it in a cutting garden in the back?  I've recently become a reader of Deborah Silver's Dirt Simple blog where she's covered the stuff and highlights the diversity of uses.  Maybe once we get the vegetable garden up and running, I can use this stuff instead of the pea gravel that I used (you can see it in the photos in this post) in Elmhurst?


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