A Look At A Part of #NewOldBackyard Landscape Design

Just yesterday, I posted a photo of some of the harvested perennials from a teardown a few doors down that I dug out of their lot.  Included in the trug in this photo is a hydrangea, a few hostas and some ferns.   I also mentioned that I was planting these 'new to us' plants in spots that were outlined in one of the plans that we received after we had two landscape design firms give us proposals for the hardscaping for the 'entrance' to our #newoldbackyard.  Here's a look at the first proposal

Above, you'll see a screenshot of just a portion of the second proposal.  In addition to giving us some idea of how they'd approach the 'entrance' to the backyard, they also gave us a look at the entire yard and what they would plant and how they would shape the beds.  It is incredibly detailed and while isn't perfect, gives us a lot of ideas on the direction of the future of our #newoldbackyard.

Importantly, you'll note that in the sketch above, they're calling for 7 Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea, 3 Tardiva Hydrangea and 3 Little Lime Hydrangeas *just* in this section of the new beds. 

The hydrangea that I dug up is a total mystery to me at this point.  It was beginning to dry out due to the drought that we've been dealing with the past month or so, but once I planted it, I gave it a good, healthy dose of water to see if it will take.  I put it in the location of the eastern-most Oakleaf variety and *fingers crossed* I'm hoping it will take and next Spring, we'll have a nice bloomer to start things off right in this bed.  We're going to take this landscape design rollout slowly, so I'm not sure if we'll get to this full bed outlined by next Summer, but once we do get around to creating the bed, we'll hopefully have one hydrangea with a head start.

I'll post a few other looks at the #newoldbackyard landscape plan in the next few days so you can get a sense for some parts of the rest of it.  Specifically, I'll try to show the beds where I planted the hostas close to the house foundation in the back.


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