New Project: Hollywood Juniper Topiaries

I came across these Hollywood Junipers on Fast Growing Trees (that's their product listing above) and then wandered down a Juniper-related wormhole into the world of topiary arts.  And, I ended up landing at this Monrovia page about their Hollywood Junipers that features a secondary photo that looks like this:

Above photo via Monrovia's product listing page
And I've now suddenly decided to take on a new gardening project that involves me blindly ordering trees online (!?) and figuring out how to either build or buy some big enough pots to keep a couple of these on our patio. 

Having just visited the Flower and Garden Festival and seeing their topiaries of different styles/sizes, I've kinda fallen hard for them and think they'll both add a little interest and provide some activity for me and the kids to putter around the yard this season. 

The Fast-Growing-Trees site sells 3'-4' trees, so they're not very big, but if the site's name is any indication, they'll add some inches this season if we get them in early enough.  Then, there's the whole issue of overwintering.  On various forums, I've read about building an earthen berm, wrapping them in chicken wire and filling with fall leaves and bringing them inside a non-heated garage, but there doesn't seem to be consensus as to how to ensure their survival.  Fast Growing Trees provides a one year guarantee, so I guess that's not something I have to be super focused on this year, right???


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