Another Walk Around Barth Pond - Downers Grove

Last Summer, I posted a photo from a walk I took with Lizzie around Barth Pond at Patriot's Park.  That photo is here.  The park is very close to our house - like maybe six houses or so away and it is a nice spot to go walking.  Sometimes with the dog.  Sometimes with the kids.  Recently, I went down there with the two little ones and we spent some time in the playground.  On the way to the playground, I was struck by how nice it was out.  This path in the photo above is one of two on the north side of the pond with this one being 'closer' to the water. 

The pond has something to do with water management in our area and I think part of the reason there's two paths is because this part of the path is occasionally under water. 

On this day, it wasn't.  And the goose turds that normally make me tiptoe around?  Those were gone, too.  Felt like my lucky day. 


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