Main Terminal Train Station - Lemax Caddington Train Station

I've mentioned in all of the recent Lemax Christmas Village posts that Mantleburg isn't annexing any new structures into town this year and with the recent election of a slate of Libertarian candidates taking on new leadership roles in town, they've even moved to de-annex some existing portions of Mantleburg and just focus the town's operations on the seasonal train.

This year, I've covered a handful of Lemax Christmas Village buildings that are part of the Menards holiday setup including:

1. Draft Brothers Craft Brewing Supplies Store from the Harvest Crossing Collection.
2. The Elf Workshop from Santa's Wonderland Village.
3. Nora's Christmas Boutique from the Caddington Village Collection.
4. The Round-up animated carnival ride from the Carnival Village Collection.
The one in the post today is interesting because it *is* potentially train-related.  And that's why, despite their anti-growth/anti-government leanings the new Mayor and Board have taken a close look at this one called the Main Terminal Train Station.  It was released in 2017 and has exterior illumination.

You can see the building in the photo above.  And the box and price ($59.99) in the photo below.

That $59.99 price is lower than a more-detailed, O-Gauge sized station that Menards is carrying right now.    Here's a photo of the station from the Menards site:

This feels a little bit more *right* for the Mantleburg Line and our O Gauge setup, doesn't it?


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