From Tree To Firewood - Ash Firewood December 2019

This is the fourth in the series of posts about the Ash trees that were taken down next door that I've been processing with what they call CSS (cutting, splitting and stacking).  And this post brings us full-circle.  From tree to firewood.  Well....I guess, technically, "full-circle" will be when I actually burn this piece.  But...for now, let's call this 'full-circle'.

Back in November, I posted a photo of my neighbor's Ash tree with a pattern under the bark.  In that post, I remarked that because they were planning on tearing down the house right next door, I wondered if I could scavenge any of the wood.  After talking to the crew taking down the trees, I ended up with 45-or-so Ash tree rounds.   After a few days of splitting and stacking, I have about 2/3rd of the wood processed and just about a Face Cord of wood put up.

And in that post from a few days ago, I mentioned that there were a few pieces that showed off that same pattern we saw on the tree.  In the photo above, you see one of these.  I pulled it out of the rack and left it on top of our compost tumbler to take this photo.   Kind of interesting to see this - in a matter of six weeks - go from tree to split piece of firewood.  (at is 'interesting' to me!)


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