Lawn Lime - Application #1 - Spring 2020

Our Home Depot is doing curbside pickup with online orders, so I put through an order for some lawn care products including pelletized lawn lime and (wait for it....) ten bags of Milorganite. seems like they've figured out their supply chain issues this year?  Our local Home Depot is showing over 600 bags in inventory right now.  Based on my 2020 plan, I need 18 bags for the season, so perhaps I should buy the balance and store them (hoard them) for a few months. 

Also, based on the 2020 lawn plan, I outlined a 4 bag application of lawn lime to the back in Mid-April.  You can't get any *more* Mid-April than April 15th, right?  That's a bag of the stuff from Home Depot (curbside FTW.) in the Chapin spreader that I was sent last Fall. 

Mark it down.  Lawn lime applied.    #5 on the 2020 to-do list was to continue to wage battle against the Wild Onions.  This lawn lime is *supposed* to help do just that.    I'm going to go at the lawn with a small spade to remove more Wild Onions, but the soil conditioning is going at things both ways. 

I've also been putting down more biosolids on the parkway and along the property line - after I dethatched those parts of the lawn.  More on that to come - but note that #9 on my 2020 to-do list was to work the lawn in front a little more.  Same with the Ironite and Humic Acid applications - which would complete my April checklist. 

I'm now noting that I didn't include any grub treatment in my 2020 plan, but that's something that I'm going to be putting down in the coming weeks.


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