The Return Of Our Saucer Magnolia Flowers - Spring 2020

The last time we saw blooms on our front yard Saucer Magnolia tree was back in Spring of 2018.  Last year, we saw no flowers at all on our Saucer Magnolia.  In fact, we didn't get any flowers on any of our delicate flowering trees like the Japanese Flowering Cherry, either.  But, right now we're seeing some pink flowers begin to emerge from the fuzzy pods on the tips of the limbs.

We had a particularly difficult winter in 2018/2019 that I'm pretty sure killed all the buds.  This Winter we had an easy Winter and (thankfully) that means we're getting Spring flowers.

I last visited this tree when I wired up one of the errand limbs earlier this year.

Last September, I documented the buds that were being set that have paid off this Spring.

The other thing that I did yesterday was to try to edge the bed that this tree sits.  I used a flat shovel and went around the ring and removed some of the sod that had begun to inch up to the trunk(s).  You can see some of the green/grass still sticking around, but that will soon be covered by mulch.

With the social distancing rules in place, I'm planning on doing my own mulch this Spring - something that I haven't done since 2011.  Being around the house for the next few weeks (at a minimum) means that I have time to spread it. 


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