Our Parkway Maple Tree: Spring Color

When we had our house built back in 2016/2017, one of the steps was the digging and installation of new sewer and water lines.  That required some serious digging from the center of the street all the way up to our house.  That digging was located fairly close to our large parkway tree - in fact it was so close that when we came to see the hole, we could see that the sewer guys had cut some of the roots.  

Ever since then, I've been holding my breath with concern that the tree had suffered some damage.  

I'm posting this in the [garden dairy] so I remember both what the canopy looks like in Spring but also what the color of the leaves look like, too.  

Here, below, is the tree.  It is orange-ish/brown-ish.  Certainly NOT green like the rest of the maple trees around our neighborhood.  

And, I'm content this year because I noticed the same thing last year.  This tree isn't suffering/stressed (at least I'm pretty sure it isn't), rather this is *just* how the tree comes to life in Spring. 

Last year, I spotted the color and got concerned.  I asked my neighbor if he remembered the tree in previous Springs, but he didn't.  So, I was left to thinking it was stressed. 

Fast forward a few months and the tree green'd up. 

This year, I'm capturing the Spring color that you can see below in one of the leaves that has fallen to the ground:

I'll try to revisit this tree in Fall to monitor the color through the seasons. 


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