Trampled Coral Bells - October 2020

 Last month, I bought a series of Coral Bells (Dolche Cherry Truffles) from the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale and planted them in a brand new bed that I established this Fall to the north of our driveway.  Some of them are pretty close (within two feet) of our property line.  How are they faring?  Some of them are showing some new growth and seem to have navigated the transplant shock.  You can see that new growth below: 

But others?  The two that are closest to the property line were trampled by the guys doing the driveway concrete.  Here's one - below - that I think might recover. 

But, here's another that has no leaves left on it.  I put the yellow stakes and sprinkler spike next to these the day after they installed the driveway so the guys could see where they were stepping.  

This bed is (currently) mulched in wood chips, but it needs a layer of real mulch laid on top. Since it is in the front yard, you know what that means?  Cocoa bean hull mulch.  To match the rest of the beds in the front.   That will have to wait until next year.


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