Broken Nintendo Switch Right Joycon

We've had the Nintendo Switch for a year or so now and it finally suffered some damage at the hands of the kids.  Just to be perfectly clear:  they're TOTAL screen-time addicts.  At least two of them.  And the Switch - with Animal Crossings New Horizons - had made them lose their minds on the regular.  So, it wasn't a surprise to me that they would drop the thing and break off one of the joycons.  

Here's a look at it - the front above - and the back below.  I was able to pry the battery out and unplug it from the controller.  Not sure what we can do with it, but I figure we can hold on to the battery and toss the rest, right?

Seems like Goldie - our elf - might have to bring a new JoyCon to the house this Christmas season?


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