Front Yard Christmas Tree (And Santa and Reindeer Blowmolds) - Christmas 2020

This year, after a couple of years off, we brought back our front yard Christmas tree.  You can see it in the photo below, along with our guy Santa and three of his reindeer.  This is the second year for these blowmolds being up on tomato cages and they look great.   It appears that this is only the second year that we put up a front yard tree since we moved to Downers Grove.  That first Christmas - back in 2017 - we had one (here).  But, I can't find posts from 2018 and 2019.  

This year, Nat tried to get some of our neighbors to do a tree in their own front yards and we saw a few of them do it - which is really nice.  We always loved Indiana Street being lit up with these trees.

Here's the history of our front yard Christmas Trees over the years on the blog:

2020 - this post showing the tree and our blowmolds are back.
2017 - our first year in Downers Grove, I picked up a little tree at Menards for the front yard.
Here's the photo and post from 2016 when we were at Vic/Equation Boy/Man's house.
Here's the post showing our 2015 tree out front of Equation Boy/Man's house.
Here's the post from our 2014 tree out front of our old house (sad face).
Here's my post from our 2013 tree.
There's no snow in the photo of our 2012 tree.
Here's my post from our 2011 tree.
Here's my post from our 2010 tree.
Here's my post from our 2009 tree.


  1. Hey Jake! My wife and I are new to Elmhurst this year and excited for our first front yard tree. Wondering if you have any tips for how best to stand and secure the tree? Thanks!

  2. Get a big stake and some zip ties. Easy peasy. Sit back and enjoy the season.


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