Lionel Christmas Train - Setup - December 2020

Before we got too far into December, I wanted to put down a marker in memorializing that we set up our Christmas Train.  Well, the KotBT and I set it this past weekend and used his brand new train (more on the train in a later post as the train was given to him from my Dad for his birthday this year and is pretty neat.) that features a diesel locomotive and three passenger cars.  We made a simple Lionel Fasttrack oval on the floor upstairs and set up my transformer.  We spun it around a few times, but this is a vintage train, so it both LOUD and an energy hog. 

We didn't set up our Christmas train last year and this year, with the basement being what it is, had to put it upstairs.  This is our fourth Christmas in our house, but I'm pretty sure this is just the third time we set up the Christmas train:  2017, 2018 and now 2020.


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