Morning in The Spruce Plot - Morton Arboretum - December 2020

 Back in September, I posted a photo of one of our favorite spots in the Morton Arboretum called The Spruce Plot.  Or...The "Spruce Plots" as I mistakenly call them.  We were over in the Arboretum recently and - of course - found our way to this area for a little walk.  The sun hits differently in the morning during the Winter at Morton as all of the deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, so the sun comes through the forest and lights up the trunks of the trees.  Here's how things looked when we looked straight East as the sun began to rise in the morning:

COVID has taken away so much from all of us - and from our family.  But, one of the really great things that it has GIVEN us are these walks.  


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