Disney Pins - Puzzle - Christmas Break/Quarantine Project (Christmas Haul, too)

 What happens when you do a couple of puzzles and your family notices?  And it is right before Christmas?  Well...that means you get MORE PUZZLES.  MOARPUZZLES.  This one, though, (as the kids say...) slaps

<insert how do you do fellow kids meme>

But...seriously....I am going to REALLY insert it here below. Why? Because, I read somewhere that if you start saying things that your kids have started to say, they'll start to think it is very UNCOOL.  So, I'm getting ahead of things with my kids and the phrase 'this one slaps'.  

Well...back to the puzzle.  This scratches me right where I itch:  it is a Disney Parks pins puzzle.  Imagine laying down hundreds of Disney Parks pins and taking a photo of them.  That's EXACTLY what this 750 piece puzzle is.  See below for my photo of the box:

You can find it on Amazon (non-affiliate link here, people), but go to your local toy store and ask them.  It is 18" tall.  By 24" wide.   I'm going to get this one started and see how long it takes - but I'm thinking that based on the size/piece ratio, this one will be SLIGHTLY easier than the Harry Potter one that was 1000 pieces. 

There's a bunch of the pins in the puzzle that I know we have on our pin board, so that will be fun.  

This post is kind of a smash-up of my usual "Christmas Haul" posts and the more recent "puzzle series" posts.  


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